February 10, 2009

Navy enlistees learn to ice the cake

For a select group of U.S. Navy enlistees, learning new skills includes mastering the art of creating rosebuds and otherwise putting the icing on the cake.

Many of them get their training from AnnaBelle Eversole, owner of Wine & Cake Hobbies in Norfolk, Va., The Virginian-Pilot reports. At the moment, many of Eversole's students for a three-day crash course in decorating -- a sort of basic training for bakers -- are culinary specialists from the George H.W. Bush, the Navy's newest aircraft carrier.

The Bush has a crew of 2,600, which will be even bigger when the air wing comes aboard. When the carrier is fully manned, its seven galleys will be preparing about 15,000 meals a day.

Those thousands of people all have birthdays and some will also be celebrating re-enlistments and retirements -- and that means cakes.

It's almost an everyday thing, said Culinary Specialist Chief Hosannah Quino, who commands a staff of 74 on the Bush. We need a lot of people who have this skill.

She plans to get 30 of her people trained in cake decorating.