February 11, 2009

Kitten unharmed after road trip under hood

A Massachusetts family say their pet kitten was unharmed after traveling nearly 100 miles beneath the hood of their car.

Stephanie Cooke said she and her family arrived at Mount Sunapee in New Hampshire for a ski vacation and heard cat-like cries coming from beneath the hood of their Hummer, WHDH-TV in Boston reported Wednesday.

Cooke said her husband lifted the hood and discovered stowaway Maddie, the family's 7-month-old kitten, hiding in the sport utility vehicle's engine compartment.

I couldn't believe it, the cat just popped right up and I went right over to it and it was totally fine, Cooke said. She just found this little nooky spot and that's where her head popped up and managed to survive an hour and a half in the car.

Cooke said Maddie rode home in the comparative luxury of the vehicle's back seat.

You know how they say cats have nine lives, well I think she maybe has one left after that, she said.