February 12, 2009

Half of Ill. home may have to be removed

Nearly half of a home in Deerfield, Ill., is in violation of various regulations and needs to be removed from property in the flood plain, a lawsuit alleges.

Officials in the suburban Chicago village allege in a lawsuit filed in late 2008 against the home's owners, Mark and Denise Richmond, that nearly 50 percent of the couple's home is extending into a flood plain, the Chicago Tribune said Thursday.

Village officials are calling for the immediate removal of the portion of the seven-bedroom, 20,000-square-foot home that allegedly is violating building, flood plain and zoning regulations.

How that portion of the home would be removed is a matter still up for debate.

There can't be a house there, attorney Peter Coblentz, who is representing Deerfield, said. How they would go about executing (its removal), I don't know.

The Richmonds' attorney, Harold Dembo, maintains his clients' home underwent required inspections before construction was completed in 2001.

Every step of the way, the house was inspected, Dembo told the Tribune. It's not Mark and Denise's responsibility to go out there with a tape measure.