February 12, 2009

Police: ‘Zorro’ suspect arrested

Police in Florida said they have captured a man suspected of being Zorro the Bandit, a serial robber who wore a Zorro-style dark fedora during his crimes.

Tampa police said an anonymous tipster identified the bandit, who was wanted in connection with eight recent holdups at area businesses, as George Shaw, 50, the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times reported Thursday.

Shaw was arrested after detectives matched his fingerprints to a set found on a bag of M&Ms candy recovered after a Jan. 29 robbery at a St. Petersburg CVS Pharmacy.

Investigators said Shaw allegedly robbed three St. Petersburg businesses and five in Hillsborough, Fla., between Jan. 19 and Monday. Investigators said Shaw would use a silver handgun to threaten clerks and steal thousands of dollars from the stores.

However, Shaw insisted the M&Ms could not have been his, as he suffers from diabetes.

I don't eat candy, he told police.

Shaw has been charged with four counts of armed robbery and police said more charges are expected.