February 12, 2009

Bridge jumper seeks job, gets summons

A Florida man compiling a video application for a job in Australia said he was served with a notice to appear in court after he jumped from a bridge.

Christopher Grima, 25, received a notice to appear for breach of peace/disorderly conduct after he jumped from the South Causeway Bridge in Fort Pierce, Fla., Tuesday -- a stunt intended to give his video application an extreme edge -- TCPalm.com reported Thursday.

I was trying to be very subtle, jump off the bridge, leave really quick, but the police department was there before I even got out of the water, Grima said Wednesday.

Police spokeswoman Audria Moore said Grima told authorities the video is part of an application for a job on Australia's Hamilton Island that pays $105,000 for six months, for duties including walking around the island, snorkeling and blogging about his experiences.

I noticed on the Web site there were thousands of applicants, Grima said. I felt like a bridge jump was something that was a little extreme that would capture the viewer right away.

Grima said he estimates the bridge is about 40 feet to 50 feet above the water.

A police report states Grima was advised of the cost of all the resources involved as a result of his stunt.