February 15, 2009

Magic helps senior couple find love

An 81-year-old magician says he is deeply in love with his new 79-year-old wife, who he met during a magic show in Florida.

Magician Joseph Marker said he met Camille Lewis last May at Southwest Focal Point Senior Center in Pembroke Pines when he asked her to serve as his show assistant, and less than a year later the couple married there, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Sunday.

We just fell in love and are always telling each other that we love each other, Marker said. It's so nice to be together.

The senior couple will always have a little mystery in their relationship as Marker refuses to share his magic secrets with his bride.

I don't want to know. I like the surprise, Lewis said of those secrets. I just can't figure it out.

The Sun-Sentinel said the two seniors are now set to disappear for their honeymoon, taking a road trip that will take them to Delaware, Georgia and Ohio.