February 15, 2009

Man’s llamas take part in his funeral

Two llamas owned by Terry McCrone served as honor guard members for the Ohio man's funeral, his pastor says.

The Rev. Bob Ladygo of Madison Township's Bible Baptist Church said McCrone, of Plymouth Township, loved the llamas he raised on his farm so much that they appeared to check in on McCrone as he lay dying of cancer in his home, The (Willoughby, Ohio) News-Herald reported Saturday.

It was as if they were telling him that now it was their turn to take care of him, said the pastor, who described how the animals would look at the ailing McCrone through a window.

Two of those llamas took part in Friday's funeral at Perry Christian Church, serving as honor guard members along with four llamas from statewide drill teams.

Donna Moore, who heads up the All-Star Llama Drill Team that McCrone's daughter belongs to, was at the funeral to give McCrone's family honorary ribbons to honor his passing on Feb. 7.

Llama owners are a very closely knit group, she told the News-Herald.