February 16, 2009

Dog names range from Buddy to Gucci

A study of Wichita, Kan., dogs indicates Buddy and Maggie are the most popular canine names but many others sport unusual names such as Lunchbox and Prada.

The study of licensed Wichita dogs in 2008 found that Buddy overtook Max as the top name for male dogs while Maggie took the top spot from Molly, while both of the former top names remained in the top 10, The Wichita Eagle reported Monday.

Rounding out the top 10 dog names were Sadie, Daisy, Lucy, Sophie, Bailey and Jack.

The study also found many Wichita residents prefer to give their canines more unconventional monikers, including designer titles Prada, Armani, Chanel, Valentino and Gucci.

Food names were also a popular choice with dog lovers, with four Chihuahuas bearing the name Nacho in 2008 along with a Pomeranian called Cream Puff and a dachshund named Sausage.

As for pets named for their attributes, the study cited dogs named Nuisance, Trouble, Psycho, Shredder, Shark Boy and no less than six dogs bearing the moniker Stinky, the Eagle said.