February 18, 2009

Boys find snake inside sofa cushion

A New York boy said he and a friend were shocked when a 4-foot boa constrictor slithered from the couch while they were coloring.

Jay Jhomar, 7, said he and friend Danny Yunstella, also 7, were coloring on his family's sofa when the snake began emerging from a half-zipped couch cushion, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

I felt something on my back, Jay said. I was excited. I thought I found a toy in the couch. It felt like a ball.

However, the boys then found themselves face to face with the snake.

It was staring and waiting for someone to eat, Jay said. I was a little scared, and we were screaming. I called my mom, who was in the kitchen. I like snakes, but not crazy snakes.

Animal Care and Control officers who took the snake into custody said it was likely an escaped pet that entered the home to escape the cold.

Richard Gentles, an Animal Care and Control spokesman, told the New York Daily News that the boa was healthy and would receive specialized care before moving to its new home at a reptile sanctuary.