February 19, 2009

Police: Clerk slashed customer’s tires

Police in Massachusetts said a Dunkin' Donuts employee was arrested after allegedly slashing a customer's tires following an argument.

Police said the alleged victim, whose name was not released, had ordered a coffee from clerk Thomas Zazulak, 39, at the Natick location, but turned and left the store after deciding that his order was talking too long, the Metrowest Daily News of Framingham, Mass., reported Thursday.

The clerk took exception, police Lt. Brian Grassey said. Words were exchanged. (Zazulak) followed him outside, and continued with the disagreement.

Grassey said Zazulak, who was working alone at the time, argued with the customer while several other people waited in line for service. He said the clerk eventually brandished a large folding knife.

He slashed all four of the tires, Grassey said. He slashed the tires on the left side of the Jeep, then he went around slashed the tires on the right side. He put the knife back in his pocket, walked away and continued to serve customers.

Police said multiple witnesses confirmed the victim's account.

Zazulak was arrested and charged with malicious and wanton and destruction of property and disturbing the peace while armed.