February 19, 2009

Otter gets photographers in its lens

A California wildlife photographer, out on Monterey Bay with a group of fellow professionals, was the only one to capture a sea otter holding a video camera.

Enrique Aguirre told The Santa Cruz (Calif.) Sentinel he had the otter in his view finder before he noticed something strange.

I was like, did I actually see an otter with a video camera or was I hallucinating?, he said.

The otter was floating, holding the camera in its paws, the lens apparently aimed at the photographers on Capt. Yohn Gideon's Elkhorn Slough Safari boat. It did not stick around long, going into a dive with the camera trailing after it.

Aguirre said the video camera was rusty and decked with seaweed, suggesting it had been in the water some time.