February 20, 2009

Golf ball found encased inside tree

A British greenskeeper has discovered a golf ball encased inside a tree years after the ball apparently became lodged in the plant.

Peter Johns, manager of the Eaton golf club in Norwich, England, said greenskeeper Richard Mitchell found the ball while cutting through the felled conifer, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

It's an incredible find, Johns said. It was pure luck that it was discovered. If Richard had cut the trunk an inch or two either way we'd never have known the ball was there.

We think the ball came off the first tee, went into the trees and was lost, he said. It must have lodged in a fork or embedded itself in the trunk and the tree just grew round it.

Johns said the piece of wood containing the ball has been sent to craftsman and former golf captain Jim Cook for conversion into an honor board to commemorate holes-in-one at the course's ninth hole.