February 20, 2009

Council says tent needs planning approval

A man living in a tent in the British county of Devon must pack up and leave since his makeshift home doesn't have planning approval, council officials say.

The North Devon Council has informed Ray Spice that the Mongolian-style yurt he shares with his partner, Sarah, and their two cats could only be built legally with planning permission, The Daily Mail said Friday.

A yurt is essentially a glorified tent with lattice-framing, the Mail said. Spice's yurt featured a felt covering and portable wooden lattices.

Spice, 55, said he was told to relocate the home he has enjoyed in Devon for 2 1/2 years due in part to sustainability and pollution concerns.

Among other things, the council have claimed we are unsustainable because we live more than 600 yards from a shop, the specialist builder told the Mail.

And they feel we may be polluting the river with our toilet -- but we were visited by environmental health officers and we've got confirmation that we're not.