February 22, 2009

Yo-yo skills front and center in Seattle

Competitors in the Pacific Northwest Regional Yo-Yo Championships in Seattle say their skills vary from awful to comparable to those of superheroes.

University of San Francisco finance student Joseph Harris, who took part in this weekend's Seattle Center event, said he has yo-yo skills that make me look like Spiderman, The Seattle Times reported Sunday.

While Harris is clearly proud of his various double yo-yo tricks, Saturday's lone female competitor was a bit more critical of the skills she showed off.

Liz Spain, who runs the Voodoo Bunny Rope yo-yo string business, said while yo-yoing can be meditative for her, she is not very talented with the children's toys.

Saturday's event may have only offered top prizes of $150, but the top finishers among the 50 competitors captured spots in this fall's national yo-yo championship, which will take place in Chico, Calif.