February 22, 2009

Parrot offered to settle lawsuit

A woman in Florida says she's offering her parrot to end a dispute between two other women fighting over the ownership of another parrot.

Leah Dellapelle, 28, said she loves Travis, her African gray parrot, but she can't afford his $100-a-month diet, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Sunday.

Dellapelle says Travis may be the answer to a lawsuit filed Friday by Angela Colicheski, 52, against Sarita Lytell, 47, both of Boca Raton.

I'm looking for someone who can afford birds, Dellapelle said.

Colicheski contends Lytell has her parrot, Tequila, who flew away about three years ago. Lytell said she has cared for a parrot she named Lucky since it was found dehydrated and scared in May 2006 and she is not about to give it up.

He's my little baby and he could be taken away from me, Lytell said. He looked at me today and said, 'Ma, it's all right. Don't cry.'

Colicheski has not indicated if she is interested in dropping the lawsuit and adopting Travis, a bird so smart he asks you to go lay down when you wake him from his slumber, Dellapelle said.