February 23, 2009

College uses dog to fight geese problem

Officials with Boston's Simmons College said the school is employing the services of a border collie to drive Canada geese away from the campus.

The officials said Finn, the 5-year-old dog, was recruited after a flock of Canada geese began using the women's college's new quad as a restroom, The Boston Globe reported Monday.

Becka Yturregui, Finn's owner and an employee in the advancement office of Simmons College, said administrators had been considering paying thousands of dollars to rid the campus of geese before she offered the services of her canine.

Finn stays with Yturregui for most of the work day until maintenance worker David Weeks comes by twice a day to walk the dog around the quad to scare off geese and do his own business, which Weeks cleans immediately.