February 23, 2009

‘Santa’ loses ticket appeal

A New York Santa has lost his challenge against a ticket he was issued for double-parking while delivering toys to children.

Chip Cafiero, 60, said his Chevy Suburban received the $115 ticket while it was parked near his horse-drawn carriage during his toy delivery in the Bay Ridge neighborhood, the New York Daily News reported Monday.

I'm surprised the city found Santa guilty, Cafiero said. The agent saw me handing out toys to kids and walked over and slapped me with a fine anyways. Has this city lost its heart?

Cafiero previously challenged the ticket in a written appeal to the Department of Finance.

My car was merely trailing the procession to provide a safety measure for the carriage and the children, he wrote.

Cafiero said the ticket does not mean the end of his days in the red and white suit.

The city can take my money, Cafiero said, but they can't take my Christmas spirit.