February 23, 2009

13-year-old hijacks, smashes Beijing bus

A 13-year-old boy stole a city bus in Beijing, smashed it into a dozen vehicles and knocked down two utility poles before the escapade ended, police say.

It was like watching a blockbuster movie when I saw the bus crashing into cars like a bulldozer, a man identified only by the surname Liu told Xinhua as he described the Sunday morning excitement.

The state-run news agency reported Monday the bus's driver had gotten out to use a toilet when the slender, 5-foot-5 youth got into the driver's seat, apparently started the bus without a key and drove off.

The teen zigzagged through traffic, hitting a car and a minibus before putting the bus in reverse and hitting 10 more vehicles and the two power poles. One car was pushed through the front door of a clinic.

Liu was having breakfast at his shoe-repair stand nearby when he saw the bus coming at him like a dancing dragon.

I threw my canteen and ran for my life, he said.

No one was injured but the boy reportedly was trembling and quiet when finally grabbed by three people who kicked in the bus's door.