February 24, 2009

Can rode on truck bumper for 300 miles

A family moving from North Carolina to Pennsylvania said a Diet Coke can rode for more than 300 miles on their U-Haul truck's bumper without falling.

The driver of the truck said a member of his family had left the half-empty can on the rear bumper of the truck before they left their former home and they noticed after about an hour on the road that the can was still in place, the Raleigh (N.C.) Telegram reported Tuesday.

He said the family decided to leave the can on the bumper to see how long it would last and it astonishingly remained on the truck's bumper all the way to their new home.

We were shocked, the man said. We thought for sure during some of those stops and big bumps that it would have fallen off during the trip ... it did shift around some on the bumper, but we still can't figure out how it stayed on there without falling off.

However, the man said the can finally fell off during the brief drive from their new home in Pennsylvania to the U-Haul center to return the truck.