February 24, 2009

Lawyer: Woman, 102, faces years of court

Lawyers for a 102-year-old Italian woman said she has won a 12-year-old property dispute with her family but she still faces two appeals.

Basilio Cupaiolo, a lawyer for Amalia Cuccioletti, 102, said a Macerata judge ruled to allow her to tear down buildings on land once owned by her great-grandfather, but Italy's three-tier justice system means it could be several years before his client can obtain final permission -- years she likely does not have left, ANSA reported Tuesday.

It's only the first-level sentence, Cupaiolo said. It could take six years for the first appeal and just as long again if they go to the supreme court.

The lawyer said Cuccioletti, who is now confined to her bed, would have to set a new longevity record to get her land back.