February 25, 2009

Bus driver delivers baby at gas station

A Florida bus driver said she helped deliver a baby boy after she came across a woman in labor at a gas station.

Mary Kilroy, 56, said she was on her way home Monday from driving the Dixie Highway line for Broward County Transit when she noticed the pregnant woman at a Shell station in Tamarac with a man who appeared distressed and was talking into a cell phone, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Wednesday.

Kilroy said she approached the man and he explained that his friend, Marie Belizare, 36, was in labor.

The bus driver, who worked as an emergency medical technician for seven years in Detroit, guided Belizare through the delivery with the help of a 911 operator.

Oh, it was so neat, Kilroy said. She said Belizare was just so glad when it was over with. She couldn't stop crying. I couldn't believe it happened. I always thought I'd do CPR on somebody first.

Newborn Jovian, Belizare's third child, weighed in at 7 pounds. Doctors said the baby was healthy and is doing well.