February 25, 2009

Wallets found after more than 40 years

A Virginia man said he tracked down the owners of two wallets that had apparently been inside of a wall for more than 40 years.

Jeffrey ErkenBrack of Woodwork Specialists said he was tearing out a 6-inch block wall at the Running Etc. specialty store in Virginia Beach when he came across a cache of old-fashioned beer cans and two women's wallets, the (Norfolk) Virginian-Pilot reported Wednesday.

ErkenBrack said neither of the wallets contained any money, but both were full of cards dated no later than 1963. He said he used information from the wallets to track down the owners: Dell Dean, 70, whose wallet was stolen while she was working elsewhere in the building as a secretary in 1963, and Rose Ann Moore, 67, whose wallet was stolen at about the same time while she was working in a nearby department store.

He said he contacted the women and was able to return Moore's wallet Thursday. ErkenBrack said Dean is in Florida for the winter.