February 26, 2009

Aquarium flooded, octopus blamed

Officials at California's Santa Monica Pier Aquarium say a curious octopus caused a flood at the facility by working a water-control valve loose.

An aquarium employee came to work Thursday to find the octopus tank overflowing and about 3 inches of water on the floor, the Los Angeles Times reported. Tara Treiber, the aquarium's education manager, told the newspaper a female California two-spotted octopus likely caused the flood of more than 200 gallons of saltwater by prying a valve loose while exploring.

It found something loose and just pulled on it, Treiber said. They are very smart creatures.

The octopus has been at the aquarium for about two months.

Treiber said the water damaged new carpet, as well as walls and facades -- and the damage might have been worse if it had been discovered later.


Image Caption: California Two Spot Octopus Taken by Jeremy Selan - Santa Monica Pier Aquarium Santa Monica, CA