March 1, 2009

‘Challenge’ ringer claim disputed

An accountant says he was a student at Corpus Christi College when the British school's team competed in a BBC trivia contest and not a so-called ringer.

Sam Kay denied any wrongdoing when he took part in the network's University Challenge program in Oxford last November, the Daily Mail reported Sunday. Corpus Christi defeated Manchester University.

I was a student when I applied to be on the show and on the day we filmed the first two rounds, so I don't think I've done anything wrong, Kay said.

However, he allegedly competed in three more rounds after taking a job and now Corpus Christi's victory is being disputed. The BBC is investigating.

Henry Pertinez, a member of the second-place Manchester team, said his team would be open to a rematch if Kay was ultimately deemed ineligible.

We filled in application forms which said you had to be a student throughout the filming and broadcasting up to April 2009, he told the Mail.

It's unfortunate but all of us would be definitely up for a rematch.