March 1, 2009

Men urged to add sperm donations to wills

Men should rework their last will and testaments to allow for or deny their sperm being passed on to their romantic partners, experts in Australia say.

Michael Buist, an intensive care director at a hospital in Dandenong, said the recommendation stems from a growing number of women requesting the sperm of their late partners, The Age reported in its Monday edition.

It's certainly something we have seen a bit more of recently. For people who practice in (intensive care or hospital emergency departments) it's a request that takes most people by surprise, the hospital official said.

Monash University law lecturer Sarah Middleton agreed that romantic partners will likely be denied access to harvested sperm without proof, the Age said.

She may have a conflict of interest, said Middleton, who said written proof is likely the safest way to ensure such bequests are honored. It's about the man's reproductive rights, and I think they should survive your death.