March 2, 2009

Monkey head, roaches seized at airports

Transportation Security Administration officials at New York airports said items seized in recent months include a frozen monkey head and a drug-stuffed cat.

TSA officials said recent months have also seen the seizure of a suitcase full of cockroaches and seven pounds of chocolate-covered heroin bars, the New York Daily News reported Monday.

People are still showing up at the checkpoint with loaded guns, explosives, fireworks, said TSA spokeswoman Lara Uselding. We got nun-chucks, Chinese throwing stars (and) swords concealed inside canes this year.

Someone even once tried to bring a fully gassed-up power chain saw through a checkpoint, Uselding said.

Customs officials at John F. Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark, N.J., airports said they have collectively seized more than $2 million worth of drugs, jewels and 19th-century Faberge bowls and cutlery since December.

They said the drugs included multiple cocaine shipments hidden inside canned vegetables, a Kahlua bottle and an attache case.

Uselding said one of the more bizarre recent incidents at John F. Kennedy International Airport involved a Chilean family who attempted to push a dead relative through security in a wheelchair to skirt body transportation fees.