March 2, 2009

Investigators say ghost at university

Paranormal investigators said they encountered what appeared to be the spirit of a young child at Pennsylvania's Slippery Rock University.

John Lewis, owner of Baelfire Paranormal Investigation in Titusville, Pa., said his team of 10 investigators sought evidence of ghostly activity in university buildings using infrared cameras, digital and analog audio recorders, digital and 35-mm still cameras, electromagnetic field meters, computers and other equipment, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported Monday.

Michael Peters, the medium who was with us for the investigation, did some channeling and reported having some personal experiences with the spirit of a little girl, Lewis said. That really didn't surprise us because we've had reports of people hearing voices and conversations involving a little girl.

Lewis said his team will likely post their findings on the group's Web site,, after reviewing the collected data, a process he said will likely take about two weeks.