March 2, 2009

Off-roading yields expensive fees

Authorities in Wisconsin said two groups of off-roaders in Oak Creek face steep fines after their vehicles became stuck in muck.

Bryan Fortier, 25, said he and two friends were driving Feb. 11 on a vacant piece of land when their trucks became stuck in the muck and sank up to their frames by the time police arrived the next morning, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported Monday.

Police said they had to call the Oak Creek Street Department to send an articulating wheel loader with 5-foot-high tires because the muck was too treacherous for normal tow trucks. Officials said Fortier and his friends are looking at a $922.52 bill for pulling their trucks out.

Trevor Nelson, 20, was off-roading with friends on the same property three days later when his truck got mired down. Police once again called for the loader, but since it was Saturday, city employees were called in on their day off and paid overtime, so the bill came to $1,133.

Police said both men also had to pay to release their vehicles from impound lots, not to mention $596 worth of tickets apiece for trespassing and criminal damage to property.