March 2, 2009

‘Buffalo Bill’ b-day marked with poo toss

More than 100 people gathered in Golden, Colo., to mark the 163rd birthday of William Buffalo Bill Cody with buffalo chip tossing and other events.

Revelers gathered Sunday at the Buffalo Bill Museum on Lookout Mountain to celebrate the birthday of Cody, who served as a head of scouts for the Army and a Pony Express rider before finding fame with his touring Wild West Show, The Denver Post reported Monday.

The event included cake, ice cream and a buffalo chip tossing contest, with the winners receiving prizes from the museum's gift shop.

Buffalo chips or cow chips were very much a part of their lives in their days, museum director Steve Friesen said of Buffalo Bill and his contemporaries. In the case of buffalo chips, they used it for fuel. They were used for heating homes and for cooking in some cases.