March 3, 2009

Woman found phone in bag of chips

A Wisconsin woman said she discovered a Nokia cell phone inside a bag of Clancy's Ripple Potato Chips that she purchased at an Aldi store.

Emma Schweiger of Janesville Township said she opened one of the bags of chips she purchased Wednesday and felt something hard when she reached into the bag for a handful of the potato snacks, the Janesville (Wis.) Gazette reported Tuesday.

She said the blue and silver Nokia phone that she pulled from the bag was not functional, but it contained a T-Mobile chip and had a discolored spot on the bag that appeared to be from previous use of a belt clip.

Martha Swaney, a spokeswoman for Aldi, said the store has notified its supplier and the incident is under investigation.

Certainly the health and safety of our customers are our top priority, she said.

Schweiger said Aldi told her all of the chips of the same brand bearing the same expiration date would be pulled from shelves. She said the store offered her a replacement bag of chips, but she said she will likely pass on the offer.

You kind of don't want chips for a while after this sort of incident, she said.