March 5, 2009

So. Milwaukee wants to evict dwarf goat

A young Milwaukee-area man and his mother have lost a battle in his fight to keep his pet Nigerian dwarf goat.

The South Milwaukee Board of Health voted 6-1 Wednesday to evict Gigi, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. Kevin Krug and his mother, Gail, brought Gigi to the meeting only to be told the goat could not stay in the building.

Gigi weighs only 50 pounds and stands 18 inches tall. Kevin Krug said that he walks her on a leash and takes her to nursing homes and to children's birthday parties.

But Jackie Ove told the Journal Sentinel that even a 50-pound goat is a farm animal, not a pet.

Mother and son are trying to figure out their next move.

We'll have to do some soul-searching, Gail Krug said. I don't know if there are lawyers out there who defend animals, but I'll spend the next few days finding out.