March 5, 2009

Hawk trapped in SUV’s grill by collision

A passenger in a sport utility vehicle that struck a hawk in Oregon said he was shocked to find the bird alive and trapped in the vehicle's grille.

Corey Quakenbush said when a red-tailed hawk crashed into his friend's sport utility vehicle Wednesday on Interstate 5, he immediately assumed the bird couldn't have survived the collision, The (Portland) Oregonian said.

We saw it hit the bumper and then hit the grille, Quakenbush said. We were going about 70 (mph), so we figured it was dead.

Quakenbush said therefore he was shocked when he inspected the vehicle's grille and found the hawk had become trapped in the SUV's grille.

We expected to clean up a mess, he told the Oregonian. Instead, there was a bird.

An Oregon State Police trooper was called to the home of Quackenbush's friend to free the injured and upset animal.

The Oregonian said the surprises from the traffic collision continued when X-rays of the hawk found no broken bones as a result of the high-speed crash.