March 5, 2009

Restaurant takes food to the toilet

A popular Taiwanese restaurant chain that is expanding into China features toilets for seats and a bodily-waste themed menu.

Modern Toilet, which has seven locations in Taiwan, one in Hong Kong and a location opening this week in Shenzhen, China, is decorated with lights and dish covers shaped like feces and seats customers at glass tables with sinks underneath, Time reported Thursday.

The eatery's food is served atop miniature toilet bowls, ice cream dishes are shaped like squat toilets and beverages are served in plastic urinals that customers can take home as souvenirs.

The desert menu features shaved ice concoctions with names such as diarrhea with dried droppings, or chocolate; bloody poop, or strawberry; and green dysentery, or kiwi.

It's supposed to shock and confuse the senses, Chen Min-kuang, manager of a Taiwan Modern Toilet, said of the scatological theme.