March 5, 2009

Councilman turns toilet into planter

A Snellville, Ga., city councilman who was warned for having a messy yard said he cleared away all of the junk except a toilet that he converted into a planter.

Councilman Robert Jenkins was issued a warning in January after Snellville Mayor Jerry Oberholtzer gave police pictures of the toilet, a broken-down car and other junk in the official's yard, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported Thursday.

Jenkins said he got rid of most of the offending items, but the toilet was instead moved next to his driveway, surrounded by a halo of stones and made host to a tulip, two bunches of daffodils and two iris plants.

I just hated to get rid of it, Jenkins said of the commode. "It was in good shape. I'm waiting for some warm weather to get it blooming.

It's my contribution to folk art, not to mention I do love to see things grow.

Oberholtzer chuckled Tuesday when he was told of how Jenkins had complied with the warning.

It's good to hear he cleaned up his act, Oberholtzer said.

I certainly wouldn't put that in my front yard, he said of the toilet planter.