March 6, 2009

Geese swarm Chicago neighborhood

Residents and neighbors of Chicago's Cabrini-Green neighborhood say Canada geese have taken over areas where buildings used to stand.

Locals said the demolishing of former public housing buildings during recent years left empty lawns that slowly but steadily attracted the geese as new residents, the Chicago Tribune reported Friday.

Rev. Charles Infelt of the Holy Family Lutheran Church said the geese population explosion began as a single flock of about a dozen geese and has since grown to dozens of such flocks.

It's really the strangest thing, he said.

Randi Doeker, secretary of the Chicago Ornithological Society, predicted the geese will abandon the area as new buildings are erected to replace the felled structures.

It tells us there aren't people at Cabrini-Green, she said of the geese. And that will change when there are people back.