March 8, 2009

Frisky ferret reunited with owner

A frisky ferret named Olly has been reunited with his owner after an Internet campaign against an animal shelter on Long Island, N.Y.

Olly escaped Feb. 23 from his caretaker in Long Beach while his owner, Rosemarie Maracich, was on vacation, Newsday reported Sunday.

The ferret was found, taken to the Freeport Animal Shelter on Long Island and put up for adoption when no one claimed him within the state-mandated five-day waiting period.

Olly was adopted and renamed Juan by Ashley Ferrara, 18, a shelter volunteer, who refused to surrender the ferret after Maracich returned from vacation and traced her pet to the shelter. Maracich then launched an Internet campaign calling for a boycott of the no-kill, non-profit shelter.

Ferrara returned Olly to Maracich Saturday, saying she wanted what was best for the ferret and regretted the bad publicity brought upon the shelter.

I think they made us look bad when I was just doing the right thing, Ferrara said. I didn't do it because I was greedy.