March 9, 2009

Woman, 107, has Disneyland royal treatment

A woman in Orange County, Calif., said she was treated like a queen when she visited Disneyland for her 107th birthday.

Margaret Johnstone said after being announced by a town crier at the famous tourist site, she received a round of applause while wearing a blinking princess tiara, The Orange County (Calif.) Register said Monday.

Hear ye, hear ye, the unidentified town crier said Sunday as Johnstone entered Disneyland in her wheelchair. Our princess is 107 years old today!

Johnstone, who was born in 1902, even got a chance to kiss the site's mascot, Mickey Mouse, when she found an employee dressed as the fictional character in Toontown.

But the 107-year-old, who uses a wheelchair due to arthritis in her knee, didn't offer too many tips on her longevity beyond using Oil of Olay face cream for smooth skin.

Well, I've never believed in eating two starches at the same meal, she told the Register.