March 9, 2009

Thrifty couple seeks wedding sponsorships

A Canadian couple are advertising for corporate sponsorships to defray the cost of their upcoming wedding in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Using such social Web sites as Facebook, Jane MacNeil, 24, and Andrew Hall, 33, have been offering publicity and advertising in exchange for discounts and donations, the Chronicle-Herald newspaper in Halifax reported.

Already, they've lined up a disc jockey for the reception and a photographer. MacNeil is in talks with a boutique owner about jewelry for the bridal party, she said.

In return for the sponsorships, the couple are planning such things as including thank-you cards with the invitations, placing business cards in the favors guests take home and wearing T-shirts with all the sponsors' names at the pre-wedding parties for each of them, the newspaper reported.

However, Hall said everything would be done in good taste at the October service and reception.

There won't be any large banners floating around, he said. Nothing unsightly or gaudy -- it's a wedding, not a racetrack.