March 10, 2009

Sculptor’s second penguin goes missing

For the second time in eight years, a Toronto sculptor's aluminum penguin has been stolen, thousands of miles from the site of the first theft in Canada.

Yolanda vanderGaast created three of the 3-foot Emperor penguin sculptures in 2001, which entrepreneur and philanthropist Louis Odette purchased and donated to the southwestern Ontario city of Windsor.

One of the penguins was stolen, and despite a well-publicized police media blitz and divers scouring the Detroit River, it was never found, the Windsor Star reported.

Last Saturday, another vanderGaast penguin was stolen from outside the London School of Economics in England. In an odd coincidence, it too had been donated to the school by Odette, who is an alumnus, the report said.

In a telephone interview, vanderGaast told the newspaper her penguins would be easy to steal, as they're hollow and weigh only 60-80 pounds.

The missing Windsor penguin has since been replaced, and all three birds are securely anchored, the report said.