March 10, 2009

Deputy makes arrest in underwear

A sheriff's deputy had his pants down but that didn't stop him -- with the help of a banker -- from getting his man, an alleged out-of-control drunken driver.

Kenosha Sheriff's deputy Russ Preston was only wearing his boxer underwear last Thursday night when he heard a loud crash outside his Racine home, the Kenosha News reported Monday.

He ran out to investigate and saw someone in a pickup truck was tearing up his yard and about to drive away, despite having knocked down a utility pole.

He's in my front yard and starts to drive away, and I didn't think he was going to wait for me to put on my pants, said Preston, 29.

Preston took off after him on foot. Johnson Bank President Dick Hansen just happened to be passing. He told the deputy to hop in and they teamed up to stop the driver, Gilberto Figueroa-Popoca, 31, of Racine, the newspaper said.

When I saw him running down the street in his underwear, I didn't know he was a deputy. I just figured he was a homeowner who didn't appreciate the guy crashing into his lawn, Hansen said.

The two followed the truck another six blocks and when it stopped again, Preston jumped out and arrested Figueroa-Popoca.

I just wished I had a video dash camera to catch all of it, Hansen laughed, noting Preston performed very officer-like despite his brief attire.

Preston said when he told Figueroa-Popoca what he was accused of doing, He just said, 'Oh, sorry.'