March 10, 2009

Bus driver fired after ‘McGruff’ incident

Washington transit authorities said they have fired a bus driver who allegedly punched an off-duty cop who was dressed as McGruff the Crime Dog.

Metro spokeswoman Candace Smith said Shawn Brim, 39, who has been driving buses in the district since June 2003, was fired Friday after the completion of an internal probe into the incident, The Washington Examiner reported Tuesday.

Smith said Brim was accused of exiting a bus while he was on duty at about 2:30 p.m. Feb. 28 and punching Officer Tyrone Hardy, who was wearing a McGruff costume, in the head. Brim drove away in his bus but was soon stopped by police and told the officers he had struck Hardy to be funny, Smith said.

Police said several young people witnessed the attack. Brim has been charged with misdemeanor assault.