March 11, 2009

Magician’s self-shipping claim a hoax

A claim by a New York magician that he shipped himself in a crate to Las Vegas is all smoke and mirrors, U.S. officials say.

Magician Wade Whitcomb, 25, of North Syracuse, N.Y., said he successfully shipped himself late last year via United Parcel Service air freight from New York to Las Vegas as a publicity stunt, but an investigation by the FBI, UPS and the Transportation Safety Administration determined the magician's claims were only illusions, the Syracuse (N.Y.) Post-Standard reported Wednesday.

Whitcomb's statements were a hoax, TSA spokesperson Lara Uselding said, asserting he admitted as much under questioning over the weekend.

Yeah, it was a hoax, Whitcomb told the Post-Standard Tuesday, after the investigators debunked his story, adding, We never really knew how far it would go.