March 11, 2009

Lawyer: Bomb scare came from film shoot

A Florida lawyer said three men jailed after a bomb scare had created the fake bombs for use in a Mountain Dew online video-making contest.

Lawyer Bill Sites said his client, Daniel Terry, and two friends were filming a commercial for an online contest sponsored by Mountain Dew and TV series 24 in a Lakeland, Fla., parking garage when their fake bombs were mistaken for real explosives Monday, WFLA-TV, Tampa, reported Wednesday.

It's save the world in 24 seconds. They were simply just down there filming this, and they chose that location because of its setting and the film value, Sites said.

Lakeland police said a bomb squad robot detonated one of the devices and neutralized the other.

In this particular case they took some Mountain Dew bottles and some firecrackers that had been bought in another county, and they put them all together somewhat resembling a destructive device, put some fake wiring on it, a broken cell phone, taped it all together, filmed it, discharged it, made a fairly loud noise, Sites said.

Sites described the devices as simple and nonlethal.