March 11, 2009

Skinny dip deal still has repercussions

The skinny-dipping meal deal is over and the lake's frozen over but a Maine restaurant owner says he's still waiting to get his liquor license fully restored.

The Black Frog in Greenville had gained notoriety since 2005 when it began offering the Skinny Dip Sandwich free to anyone who took a nude plunge into Moosehead Lake outside the restaurant. But city fathers got nervous that the sight of the occasional naked diner might tank the town's tourist trade and so put the kibosh on it last year, fining two patrons $200 plus court costs.

Owner Leigh Turner said town officials recommended that state authorities deny him a liquor license when it came up for renewal in October. Turner said he was issued a temporary liquor license and made his appeal in January. He is currently awaiting a decision.

If I don't get the liquor license, I'm out of business, Turner said.

You can still get the Skinny Dip Sandwich at the Black Frog -- you just have to pay for it.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, the menu reads, putting the blame on town selectmen.