March 12, 2009

Sofas may be ‘no-no’ on Pittsburgh porches

A member of the Pittsburgh City Council said legislation could soon be passed that would ban all sofas, love seats and mattresses from non-enclosed porches.

Councilman Bruce Kraus said the proposal is a precaution to prevent the furniture from being used in celebratory fires, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said Thursday.

Rome is burning, and we just wasted a week, Kraus said Wednesday showing council members fiery celebrations in Pittsburgh's Oakland neighborhood. One idiot that decides to place an accelerant on the wood of that porch, and that whole row of houses could go up.

The Oakland fires came after the Pittsburgh Steelers' victory in Super Bowl XLIII in February, the Post-Gazette said. Similar activities took place during a Pittsburgh street festival.

The council voted in support of the measure and if finalized, the ban would fine those keeping sofas and mattresses on non-enclosed porches at least $200 per day until the offending pieces of furniture are removed.