March 12, 2009

Zoo naming contest reveals law of jungle

At least one attendee of a naming contest at the San Francisco Zoo says she now has a better understanding of the law of the jungle in regard to gorillas.

Abby Lentzner, 6, said watching a dog gorilla named Oscar Jonesy pick from among five colored cantaloupes as part of the naming contest revealed the greed and primal drive of the wild kingdom, the San Francisco Chronicle said Thursday.

Wednesday's contest at the San Francisco Zoo was intended to choose a new name for the zoo's newest primal resident, a 3-month-old baby gorilla.

To choose a name, zoo officials narrowed 5,000 suggestions down to five finalists that were represented as colored cantaloupes for Oscar Jonesy to choose between.

Lentzner was one of three children from Audubon Elementary School in Foster City, Calif., who were hoping Oscar Jonesy chose yellow, otherwise known as the name Ajani.

But Lentzer said the big gorilla chose green, representing the name Hasani, before claiming four of the cantaloupes as his own.

I learned the big gorilla is really greedy, she told the Chronicle. He wanted the food and he took it. He didn't care about the other gorillas. That's not sharing.