March 13, 2009

Parrot, 69, entertained Churchill

A 69-year-old parrot at a Miami tourist locale once entertained the late British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, a site trainer says.

Ryan Prentice, a trainer at Miami's Jungle Island, said Pinky the parrot is the bird featured on the arm of the famed British politician in a 1946 photograph, The (Britain) Daily Mail said Friday.

No one noted the names of the birds who met Churchill on his visit -- but studying the picture, we're certain this one is Pinky, Prentice said of Churchill's visit to the parrot sanctuary.

Prentice said Pinky has been entertaining Jungle Island crowds for 67 years as part of the site's Winged Wonders Show. Included in the bird's featured tricks is its ability to ride a bicycle across a high wire.

But as for definitive proof that Pinky did meet Churchill all those decades ago, Prentice hasn't given up hope the parrot will someday speak up on the matter.

Maybe she will learn a few more words in her later years and tell us all about it, he told The Daily Mail.