March 15, 2009

Postcard arrives 47 years late

An insurance agent in Hudson, Ohio, says he received a postcard from someone he did not know and was dated 1962.

Insurance agent Dave Conn said he was confused by the postcard signed by someone named Fran that appeared in his post office box recently, the Akron (Ohio) Beacon Journal reported Thursday.

After doing some digging, Conn said he connected the postcard to the late Beacon Journal reporter Frances B. Murphey, who routinely traveled the nation and sent postcards to friends.

While the postcard's sender and intended recipient -- Marion White, who died in 1998 -- have been identified, the reason for the delay in its delivery from Montana remains a mystery.

''It could have been stuck in equipment,'' U.S. Postal Service spokesman Victor Dubina suggested.

"We will never know, but the important thing is once we see it, we will get it delivered,'' Dubina added.

Conn told the Beacon Journal he is equally uncertain as to what he will do with the postcard.