March 16, 2009

Bus driver attacks toy seal with a stick

A Canadian bus driver faces no criminal charges after getting out of his bus and beating a toy seal used by anti-seal hunt protesters in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The incident happened Saturday during an international protest against the seal hunt, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported.

The unidentified bus driver spotted the protesters in a busy shopping district with the prop, which they had splashed with imitation blood, Staff Sgt. Don Fox of the Halifax Regional Police told the broadcaster.

He exited the bus and went over to the area where the protesters were and began beating on the stuffed animal seal that was on the ground there, Fox said.

Protesters called police as the driver bashed the toy with a stick and officers persuaded him to return to the bus. He drove away and continued his work, the report said.

No charges were filed, although the Metro Transit system said it was conducting its own internal investigation, the CBC said.