March 16, 2009

Queen’s new carpet ruined after two days

A Buckingham Palace carpet Britain's Queen Elizabeth II commissioned for $351,000 was ruined by spilled tea only two days after it was installed.

The new carpet in the 156-foot-long room was ruined when a wheel fell off of a beverage cart being pushed by a palace worker and the hot tea spilled all over the floor, the Daily Mail reported Monday.

Cleaning staff were unable to remove the dark stain left by the tea and the workers were forced to replace an entire section of the carpet at a cost of nearly $85,000.

They spent a week in the gallery trying to remove the stain. But instead of making it better, it seems they opened up the fibers of the carpet and made it even worse. It was ruined, a palace source said. They had a spare section of carpet which officials thought would cover unforeseen accidents in the future -- not in the same week it was laid. They've had to use it all up at one go.